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The turn based war strategy game.

If you are familiar with RISK or Axis & Allies, this game will be very easy for you to pick up. If you aren't familiar with those games... you soon will be!

What You Do On A Turn

On your turn, complete a 2-part action sequence. When you are done, your turn is over and play continues with the next player.

Action Sequence

1. Purchase Units
2. Combat

Purchase Units

The first thing you do on your turn is purchase new units at one of your factories.

For ships, you purchase these in sea zones adjacent to your factories.

You start the game with a single factory, which is on your capital. That's where the fun begins.

You also start with 20 coins, but don't worry, there's more where that came from. At the end of your turn you collect new coins based on your income.

Ready for some bad news? You don't get to use those new units right away. That's because the new units are placed on the board at the end of your turn. This means you need to think! Part of your strategy involves planning for your future needs.

To expand the number of factories available, simply purchase new ones. For example, if you are playing as European Union, your only factory is on Germany. However buying a new factory on France, will allow you to start placing new units there as well.

High Tech! You also have the option of developing technology in this phase. Technology is good. Very good. These can swing the entire balance of power in a game! See the technology tab in-game for complete instructions on how technology works.

Want more money? Yes, you do. Purchasing an economic center will boost your income by 5 coins per turn. (Just one per territory though).

Once you are done shopping and spending money, press the "Purchase Complete" button which will take you to the next phase.


This is where things get real! In the combat phase of your turn you can do any or all of the following

  • Attack
  • Move
  • Diplomacy
  • End your Turn


    The object of the game is to rule the world, so attacking other territories is not only fun, it's a must. Here are a few basics about attacking:

  • Peace in our Time! You cannot attack other players for the first 5 rounds. This gives you a chance to prepare your defenses for war. Round 6 is when things go down. Bad things.
  • There's still plenty to attack in the first 5 rounds. Any territory that is not owned by another player can be conquered. Defeating one of these will give you a one-time bonus of 2 infantry () and one tank (). Gobble up as many of these as possible in the first 5 rounds.
  • If you are able to defeat a non-player capital, you are pretty awesome! Way to go! For your work you get a bonus factory, and +10 coins per turn as long as your own that capital. The object is to control 6 of the 8 world capitals.
  • Controlling all territories of a single Superpower (which are color coded) gives you +10 coins per turn. So your primary objective is to secure your superpowers while trying to disrupt those of your enemies.
  • So you want to attack someone? Look for an enemy territory that is adjacent to your troops. Then click on that territory and press the "Attack" button.
  • Once you choose your target and move troops in, the units will show up on a combat board based on their attack and defense values. This will allow you to decide if you want to attack or not.
  • Notice that on defense, both tanks and infantry defend at a "2" meaning a 33% chance of scoring a hit. This means, from a strategy perspective infantry are better for defense as they are cheaper than tanks, but tanks are better for attacks as they are 3 times as powerful when attacking. Understand how that works? Good!
  • Combat is resolved one round at a time. For each round of battle, each of your troops has a chance to score a hit, based on their attack strength. Infantry, which attack at a "1" have a 1 in 6 chance of hitting, and tanks, which attack at "3" have a 3 in 6 (or 50%) chance of hitting. Don't worry, the computer keeps track of all this for you.
  • We then add up the total number of hits for attacker and defender, and remove casualties starting with the lowest cost units first. Sorry infantry, but most battles you will be removed first.
  • If both sides have troops remaining, you will have the option of attacking another round, or retreating. The battle ends when one side is defeated or the attacker retreats. The defender does not have the option of retreating.
  • You start the game with a single General. This guy is awesome. Don't let him die because you don't get to buy another one. Your infantry double their attacks when the General is involved in the battle. Makes for easy-peasy wins.
  • Tanks don't float. Land units cannot move through sea zones. However you can load them onto transports () and move them accross the sea and then unload them onto other land territories.
  • Planes are unique in that they must always return after the battle.
  • Look through the () "Units" tab to see special attack and defence capabilities of each unit.


    Move! Move! For any unit that has not been involved in combat, you can move them up to their maximum movement value. (1 space for infantry, 2 for tanks. See units page for more info)

    This allows you to move units up to the front lines (where they will probably die), or prepare your defenses against other players (where they will also probably die).

    Heros Galore: You have a second hero unit! Yay! Each player starts with one Leader hero, which you need to keep alive. All tanks and infantry defend at a "3" if your leader is attacked. Plus you get +10 coin bonus per turn as long as he is alive. If he dies... no more bonus for you!


    Let's make a deal! Diplomacy exists in one of 4 states between you and the other players in the game.

    • Neutral
    • Peace
    • Ally
    • War

    For games that allow alliances, you will want to build them with other players to maximize your strategic benefits. Meaning, you want the good players on your team! Once you are allied with another player, you are on the same team and can win the game together.

    For multi-player games, the 2 highest ranked players in the game cannot be on the same alliance. This is to keep the teams relatively balanced. (You won't have to worry about this for a while)

    You must have a peace agreement with a player before offering an alliance. Just like in real life.

    You can only make one diplomacy offer per turn, so choose wisely. You can, however, declare war as often as you like (which is more fun than peace anyways).

    If you attack a player who you are not at war with, shame on you! You will pay a penalty. 5 coins, 10 coins or 15 coins depending on your diplomacy agreement before the attack.

    To be a gentleman, you can declare war on a player, which allows you to attack for free next turn. This however tips your hand, and gives them the chance to attack you first, so be careful to weigh your options.

    Too many friends! There is a limit to the number of alliances you can have, which means if you go over your limit, you will be forced to drop one of your allies. And guess what? They will hate you!

    End Your Turn

    Once you are done beating up on the weaker players, you can end your turn. Press the "Complete Turn" button.

    This will automatically place your new units, collect your income, end your turn, and notify the next player of their turn.

    Players then have up to 24 hours to take their turn before being skipped.

    Ideally players will check the app several times per day to keep games moving, but just be aware that some games take many days, even weeks to complete.